Book Attributes:
Author/s: Charles Dickens
No. of Pages: 356
Dimensions: 233mm x 156mm
Genres: Classic, Inspirational

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Personalised Classic: Great Expectations

Step into a personalised edition of your favourite classic book starring you alongside your friends, family members or even work colleagues!

Was there ever a novelist who created more memorable characters than Dickens? Here, we meet perhaps his most intriguing; Miss Havisham, Pip, Estella, and Magwitch. Put yourself and friends into their shoes as you star in this aspiring tale of ultimate self-discovery. An inspirational gift to remind us all that we have the ability to exceed our own expectations.

Story Excerpt:
When a terrified four year old Pip is coerced into bringing an escaped convict food, he sets into motion a chain of events that will determine the direction of his life and explain that of others. Beginning from humble origins as an orphan raised by his mean sister and kind brother-in-law, Joe, Pip''s eye is drawn to a more lavish and aristocratic lifestyle when he meets the eccentric old Miss Havisham and her beautiful niece Estella. Pip receives notice of "great expectations" - the term for the potential inheritance of a large fortune. Pip moves closer to the glamorous life and people he desires, and yet further from those who truly love him. As life sends a series of ups and downs his way, Pip is forced to confront hard facts about his chosen lifestyle and learn who his true friends are.

Characters to Personalise:
Pip, Miss Harvisham, Estalla, Joe Gargery, Mrs. Joe, Magwitch (also known as Provis and Campbell).
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