Gift Box of Placemats (set of 6)

·         Placemats 3mm timber with a 1mm cork backing with sides polished black.

·         Full colour heat & water resistant cello-glazed print is adhered to the top side. (Standard heat resistance which is 110 degrees).

·         Our standard rectangle die cut size of the print is 291mm X 215mm

·         An additional 3mm bleed all around is required.

·         Your Print Ready artwork file must be submitted at 294mm X 218mm which includes bleed.

·         Do not place any text or lines etc within 5mm of the die cut dimensions & keep text at least 15mm away from corners.

·         Artwork is required to size as a high resolution 300dpi Jpeg or pdf file sent via Dropbox or email.  If supplied as a file that needs cropping or resizing you may be charged a small fee.

·         Quality of images for placemats is very important– NOTE that photos taken on a phone MUST be sent from a PC, not directly from your phone as they will be too small to use

·         When preparing your images/artwork please take in to consideration that your monitor may not be calibrated and will probably look slightly different in colour to ours.

·         There is a natural darkening of images that occurs during the cello glazing process.  If your images are already dark, you may need to lighten them a little.


Please note care of placemats and coasters.  DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.  Wipe spills immediately and dry with clean, dry cloth


Delivery timeframe:3-4 weeks.

64.95 AUD


Customer reviews for: Gift Box of Placemats (set of 6)

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Overall rating:
"The set we received was very good. I appreciate the attention you apply to quality.

Graeme" Graeme (01/12/2020)
Overall rating:
"My mats have arrived and you have done them beautifully. Thanks you. Sue" Sue (26/11/2020)
Overall rating:
"Just to let you know my order arrived this afternoon and I am very happy with the place mats.

Thank You
Christine" Christine (08/12/2014)
Overall rating:
"Just received the place mats in the mail and am thrilled at the results. My friends will love them.

Lisa" Lisa (05/12/2014)
Overall rating:
"The placemats arrived today. I am very pleased with them. Thank you so much.

I can’t believe how fast the order was filled when we finally got the photos sorted.

I’ll certainly ‘spread the word’" Mary (23/10/2013)
Overall rating:
"Just want to thankyou for all your effort, the placemats with my photographs of Australian Orchids
look so fantastic, the quality looks good, and what's more, they came just in time for our family gathering
on the Sunday just before Christmas. I am very happy with them, I have been recommending Digigifts to
my friends and family. Well Done! Thanks again." Carol Donley (07/01/2013)
Overall rating:
"The placemats arrived yesterday, and they are fantastic - you have done an excellent job thank you so much.
" Karen (12/12/2012)
Overall rating:
"Thank you the table mats you did for me...beautiful work...Happy Christmas!!
" Krishnaleela (04/12/2012)
Overall rating:
"I received the placemats today, that look fantastic ! Thanks so much for editing those files for me. Looking forward to using them tonight." Rits (03/12/2012)
Overall rating:
"Just thought I would let you know that the placemats arrived and I am really pleased with the result. Thanks for being patient with me. " Nicky (04/10/2012)