How to send files

To help make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible on our website we have eliminated the need for you to upload files (photos, artwork, etc) while placing your order. This simplified ordering method is especially popular with customers that are not very technical on the computer. So just place your order via our website first by adding items to your shopping cart, then proceed through to the checkout pages and at the end of the order use one of the methods below to send us your related files. Include either your full name, email address or order number along with your files so we which account to link it with. Please be aware that your files will need to be a minimum of 300dpi or 2 mega pixels.

You can provide us with your images in a number of ways:



Sending Files

We prefer that you do not compress your files/photos. For the best results send us an email and we will send you a link to Google Drive.



CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or Disk
Post your card to our dedicated post office box shown further down the page. Please package in suitable shipping envelopes to avoid damage on transit.

Memory Card / Stick
Post your card to our dedicated post office box shown further down the page. Please package securely to avoid it slipping out of the envelope.


Zip/Compressed File
Attach file to an email and email it to us with any special instructions at

Sending Large Files
You can send us large files via email, however try limiting to 1-2 photos per email to avoid clogging email servers. Alternatively try a free large file sending service like Please email us at the email address listed above.


Printed Photos
Send your printed photos for scanning to our dedicated post office box shown below. Please print and include copy of your order along with your package.

PO Box 363
Dee Why, NSW, 2099   

Where necessary, we will send you sample designs via email for you to approve before processing your order. Please keep an eye on your mailbox after sending through your images for your sample designs.

All hard-copy forms of media will be send back to you if you request us to do so, otherwise they will be disgarded after use. 

We accept photos or artworks in either a digital image format or photographic print. DigiGifts is pleased to accept all major Windows and Mac OS file types.

Please do not send copyrighted or professional photographs without a release form from the photographer. Copyright images also include warner bros, disney and related cartoon characters. Acceptable characters are those you receive authorisation to reproduce or that you have created yourself. Click here to view and print our release form. (Note: You will require Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer to view the file).

Note: If any scanning, typesetting or alteration is required it must be clearly detailed along with your image/s. Additional fees apply for scanning, typesetting and image alterations, please email for details.