Amazing Personalised Animated DVD Titles

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Bring personalised gifts to the next level! With just a photo anyone can star in their own adventure. We can transfer your child or loved one into an adventure hero in full colour 3D animation. These productions are all great value, family friendly stories. These amazing animated DVD’s were our most popular range during the Christmas period. Many customers buying one for each child or grandchild in their family. Winner of iParenting Media Award, 2006 Family Choice Award. These style of DVD’s were originally created back in 1991 by two guys who just wanted to make a keepsake movie with special effects that their kids could star in. Unfortunately, their kids were 2 and 3 years old and they would just not follow directions to ‘act’ in the movie.


Their solution was to make an animated body, and through a patented process, put anyone’s head on to the cartoon body so that no acting experience would be needed. Personalised DVD Titles » Sample Video Clips » Personalised DVD FAQ’s »

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