What Kinds Of Photo Damage Can Be Fixed

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Touching Up a Damaged Photograph

Water Damaged

There is nothing worse than digging out some old boxes of treasured items and finding out that some time down the line, water has gotten in somewhere and ruined the whole box. This can be even worse when you find that the box was full of old photographs which are now faded, cracked and bleached by being steeped in water.

Fortunately there are photo touch up experts out there who can repair even this kind of damage. As long as there is still some semblance of the photos image still visible through the damage they should be able to create a brand new photograph for you.

Torn or Cracked

It can be mortifying when you go to pick up a treasured photograph and catching it on something pull a tear straight across it. Additionally you might find that an older photo that has been crumpled or kept in someone’s pocket will have formed cracks.

While you might be tempted to tear up the photo in a rage as a result of this, DON’T! This is not a lost cause.  In fact this is one of the most common repair jobs for photo touch up experts. By utilising the shades and definite lines either side of the crack they can piece together the two parts to create a like now image.

Faded or Poor Quality

Some older pictures are simply of a far lower quality due to being significantly older. It stands to reason that this would be more common in older photos. They didn’t have the enhanced focus mega pixel cameras way back when. Other photos will simply have faded due to being kept in bright light or through natural deterioration.

As a result, this can make some elements of the picture somewhat difficult to make out. However, this is not a lost cause to a photo repair expert. Whether it’s a colour or black and white photo an expert should be able to put a bit more detail into the image utilising shading enhancements to ensure that the image is crisper and that the vital elements stand out.

Ruined by Flash or Blurring

Unfortunately this isn’t witchcraft or wizardry so some forms of repair simply aren’t possible. When a photo is taken and there are obvious issues like blurring or obscuring due to the flash, there is little that can be done.

This is simply because there isn’t the image available to repair. That part of the photo was never captured so anything added in this place would simply be made up. This is a case of either cropping the photo or accepting that it’s unfortunately a lost cause.

Featured images:

License: Image author owned

Steven Roecamb has conducted some photo touch up on his own damaged pictures. However, he knows that a more skilled professional is required for severely damaged photos.

Blog post courtesy of: adam01

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Personalised Chocolate Indulgence for Easter

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Personalise your Easter wishes
For those of us who love the WOW factor and like to say a little bit more, DigiGifts now has a delicious range of fine belgian chocolates which you can personalise. 

Send a mouth-watering gift that tells a story for any occasion. Spell out your message in chocolates by proposing your love or just satisfy the chocoholic within. 

Beat the last minute rush, plan ahead…
Order now to get your chocolates delivered in time for Easter.
Personalised Easter Gifts

Health Conscious at Easter

Looking for a health conscious gift alternative this Easter?


Delight your family and friends with our personalised gift range.


Or perhaps put some Easter eggs in a photo mug, photo bag or alongside any of our other great products.

Restore & Rejuvenate old memories

Preserving Your Memories

ANZAC Day – remembering our loved ones. Do you have old photographs which are damaged or worn?


DigiGifts can help preserve and restore your precious memories, whether the photo is torn, stained or blemished, in most cases it can be restored, without harming the original photograph.

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Photo gifts on offer to all photographers worldwide – photo competition

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DigiGifts – Personalised Gifts, Australia announced some fun easy to enter photo competitions via their facebook page recently intended for photographers of all ages and skill levels from amateur to professional photographers.

The competition is enabling fans to share some of their favourite photographs with their friends, family and other photo enthusiasts in the hopes to win a photo gift prize which they can use to either highlight their winning photo or any other photo / design they desire on the prize. Prizes so far have included photo wall canvases, mugs and keyrings.

Themes so far have included Water (for July – August), Sun (for September) and Pets (for October) with a new theme each month. The Water theme saw a mixture of rivers, lakes, oceans, pools and beaches while the Sun theme saw a great collection of sunsets, sunrises and everything in between. The current theme of pets has already highlighted a great mixture of furry friends from dogs, cats, horses and donkeys.

“We started these competitions to not only provide fans with a fun way to showcase their great photos but also to enable them to see many great ideas of things they can do with their wonderful images from printing onto canvases, mugs, timber placemats, photo crystals and much more.” says Nadia Kerr, owner. “At the same time we wanted to make it worth their while by offering prizes to the winners each and every month. The first few months we have provided the winner with a 16×20″ photo canvas and two runners up the choice of either a photo mug or keyring with the plan to change up prizes as the competitions continue.”

Follow DigiGifts on facebook for details on how to enter the current competition.


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Photo formats, size and quality tips for photographers

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There are several different file formats, and many photographers are a little unclear about the difference between each.
Some common questions usually asked in relation to print quality & formats below:

- What’s the preferred file type: RAW, PNG, TIFF or JPEG?

- Why don’t the prints I ordered look as good as what I see on my computer monitor?

- My last order of 8×10 inch prints didn’t look as good as my 4 inch prints.

- I have a choice on my camera for quality / megapixel settings, which should I use?

- I recieved my photo gift and the quality is different from the original printed photo, why?


These questions are answered in the information provided below. If you still have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact usfor more detailed information.


Formats for Saving Pictures

There are a number of file formats available for saving pictures such as RAW, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc. Each of these formats has a useful purpose; if you take lots of pictures, you may want to move beyond PNG or JPEG file format which is usually the default on most digital cameras.

Whether shooting in JPEG or RAW, remember to back up photos after moving them from the camera to the computer. Burn them to a DVD, or transfer them to a portable hard drive kept in another location – away from the computer. Better yet, seek the advice of a local photo retailer for archiving and storage options.

What size should I save them at?

It can get very confusing what quality or format to save your images, however if you plan on one day printing your images it is recommened to save them at one of the largest size as you can always scale them down with various software or online tools. This is also dependant on the amount of space on your memory stick or in-built camera storage space so aim for a larger size where possible, but if you can only save 10-50 photos at the largest size you may prefer going down a size or two for a lot more photos to be saved at slightly lower sizes which are still good enough to print.

Web page images tend to load quickly because they are reduced in size for optimum loading speed. The same occurs with most photos posted on social media websites such as facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. Photos posted on social media website are usually not ideal to use for printing as they appear clear on a computer screen but are much smaller when printed out with a printer. It is usually best to use the original photograph where possible for printing.  

GIF, PNG and JPEG are usually the most preferred image file formats for web pages because they can be saved at lower quality than RAW or TIFF file formats.

File Formats for Making Prints

For those special images you want to print and display, the preferred file format is TIFF. TIFF is an uncompressed file format which hasn’t been reduced in any way and preserves all of the original settings. RAW file formats are also very large like TIFF files, but less commonly used online and between different camera versions so you may later find compatibility issues using default RAW settings.

JPEG File Format:

For lots of amateurs and family photographers, JPEG is just fine. Make sure the camera is set to the highest quality resolution setting and to save pictures with the least amount of compression. The camera manual will explain how to do this. A photo retailer can also help. JPEG is fine for snapshots, but you have limited ability to correct overexposed or underexposed areas. A professional wanting greater control will probably shoot in RAW or TIFF file format. Most websites and photo kiosks these days tend to easily recognise JPEG file formats over RAW formats too.

JPEG is also usually the recommended format for sharing images on the web or by email as it is usually a smaller file size than RAW file formats.

RAW File Format:

RAW format allows a photographer to capture more detail than when shooting in JPEG format; it also provides more control over color correction and exposure adjustment in the digital darkroom. The ability to change the white balance on a RAW file or dig out some extra detail in highlight and shadow areas can make an immediate impact on the overall look of a photo. Since RAW files do capture lots of detail without applying processing or compression algorithms, they will take up more space on a memory card and hard drive. If your camera offers the opportunity to shoot RAW, pick up a few extra memory cards so you can save in larger formats.

RAW files can create a problem because different camera manufacturers have different “flavors” of RAW. For example, Canon RAW files are known as .CRW, Nikon files are .NEF, Pentax files are .PEF, and Olympus uses .ORF. The DNG format (for “digital negative”) was recently created by Adobe in an effort to unify the slightly different RAW formats created by the various manufacturers. Many photographers fear these differences may potentially become problematic in the long term, as one manufacturer’s RAW files may not be futureproof in new software applications. To protect digital negatives (RAW files) for many years to come, converting them to DNG, TIFF or JPEG may be well worth the effort. The presumption is all new software will recognize DNG, TIFF and JPG, while some RAW versions particular to a manufacturer may fall by the wayside and possibly be unreadable in the future.


Related Resources:

Print Quality Issues & Great Framing Tips

New York Institute of Photography

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Custom Mobile Device Skins

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Customize your mobile devices and protect it from daily abuse with a custom skins

Skins for iPhone, iPods, Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi, Blackberry Mobiles, Macbooks, Netbooks and more.

The best skins on the planet! Removable covers for protecting and customising your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics or photos of your friends, family or pets. Stand out in the crowd with personalised protection. Get your own holiday, family photo or special event snapshot printed onto these amazing skins to put on your own mobile device. We can work with you to create a skin for your iPods, laptops, or many other mobile devices. Patented 3M adhesive make these easy to apply with no residue left behind. The adhesive allows you to reposition the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit. Defend your device with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating. Click here for more details and to order your custom skin today.



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Canvas Prices Slashed: 20 – 30% OFF

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20 to 30% OFF all popular shapes, sizes and gift sets

Fill the walls of your home with beautiful artwork that means something to you. Create stunning canvas prints of family members, favourite places and spectacular scenery. Make a real talking point in your home, and one you will be very proud of. We can, free of charge, print your canvas in full colour, black and white or sepia tone. Only have printed photos? No worries, we can scan your printed photograph and then send it back to you.

Mini Canvases


Square Canvases

Rectangle Canvases


Canvas Sets

What size/resolution image will I require? Rather than talk in complex pixel-counts, we suggest minimum file sizes based on megapixels. Nowadays, most cameras are 3 megapixels and over. Our smallest canvas frame will require an image of at least 1 megapixels, whereas our largest sizes require 5 megapixels or more. There is no problem using an image with more megapixels than the minimum required – in fact this is better. We suggest you try to always take your images in a high as resolution as possible for canvas use. We are happy to  help advise if you further have no idea about pixels and correct sizes.


What sizes are available? Everyone’s canvas needs and requirements are different, so we try to cater for as many canvas needs as possible with our most popular shapes and sizes readily available to purchase on our website at anytime. If you wish for a size that is not currently listed on our website, please email us the sizing details and any advanced requirements you may desire and let us send you back a price. Sizes start from as small as 4 x 4 inches and go all the way up to 42 inches.

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Highlight your winning game

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Commemorate a match-winning match with an action photo printed on a realistic-looking photo sports ball. You’ll be the envy of your friends, family and team members with an attractive keep-sake to place on your desk or shelf to highlight your sporting adventures.


Photo Basket Balls


Photo Netballs


Photo Soccer Balls


Photo Rugby Union Balls


Photo Rugby League Balls


Photo Aussie Rules Balls

Photo Golf Balls


Photo Cricket Balls

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A Book Your Child Will Read Over and Over Again

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All children love to feel special and what better way to show how much you love and adore them, then to give them their very own personalised story book. Your child will be delighted and amazed as they turn each page and see themselves in their own unique storybook. A special book you and your child will cherish forever. Making story time a family tradition can bring excitement, happiness and education into a child’s home. Today’s technology allows your child to become the star of the story. From the moment your child opens one of these books, the magical adventure begins. Storybook Includes: – From 2 up to 7 family members in one book. – Personalised text and photos with your family members or school friends. – Many templates to represent any family / skin colour. – After you order one of these books, we will send you a link for where you can upload photos and names to be included in the book.

3 great titles to choose from:


Seaside Outing The Seaside Outing book is 32 pages of a funny, rhyming personalised story where both the illustrations and the text can feature from 2 up to 7 of your family members. Character faces are made up from photos of your family members and the text features their names too. Get the kids a great gift, their favourite picture book, and adults will laugh at the funny character roles in the story. Click here to order this personalised storybook >>


A Christmas Day A Christmas Day is 32 pages of a funny, rhyming personalised story where both the illustrations and the text can feature from 2 up to 7 of your family members. Character faces are made up from photos of your family members and the text features their names too. Get the kids a great gift, their favourite picture book, and adults will laugh at the funny character roles in the story. Make Christmas celebrations even more fun… Make your whole family giggle !! Click here to order this personalised storybook >>

Circus Outing The Circus Outing is 32 pages of a funny, rhyming personalised story where both the illustrations and the text can feature from 2 up to 7 of your family members. Character faces are made up from photos of your family members and the text features their names too. Get the kids a great gift, their favourite picture book, and adults will laugh at the funny character roles in the story. Make going to the circus more exciting… Make everyone giggle !! Click here to order this personalised storybook >>

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DigiGifts – Local Business Awards Finalist

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Many other business owners know just how hard it can be to run a business, it takes courage, commitment and alot of determination for the business to success. Selection as a finalist recognises our hard work and dication – all those late nights, early mornings and weekends away from the family to assist our customers each and every day.

DigiGifts was also nominated as a finlist in 2008, 2009 and 2010 Local Business Awards, so lets all cross our fingers this year and hope that we win the awards as most outstanding business in the ‘Antiques, Art, Crafts and Gifts’ category for 2011.



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Unique Mothers Day Gift ideas – Personalised Gifts

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Mothers Day is a single day designed to help us all take a moment to appreciate the hard work our mothers have done raising us. Mothers Day let’s us take time out of our busy schedules and spend it with our mother. Every woman loves being spoilt, whether it with lots of love or thoughtful gifts. Therefore why not consider some of the unique gifts available at DigiGifts.com.au. Our personalized novels are a great way to let mum live out a romantic fantasy with her husband or a celebrity she has always loved. Provide her name, date of birth, eye colour, favourite flowers, favourite perfume, pet names, and much more to make it truly personal. Our personalized bracelets are also very popular with mums. Allowing them to share up to six photos of their loved ones. Some mothers may also like our new personalized photo lamps which is a great way to show off those special memories in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere else that needs brightening up. “Woman, including celebrities like Christina Applegate and Minnie Driver, are now hosting purse parties the way their mothers did with candles and Tupperware. The result is that mothers who used to have tote around wallets full of photos now happily swap them for a photo bag and pet lovers no longer need to wait to be asked before showing off Muffy or Rex.” Sourced from Chicago Tribune. Stylish bags ensure loved ones stay close, and memories remain vivid. Hand made with quality fabric (canvas, polyester or geniune leather)  & superb image reproduction. What a great gift idea for mothers to show off their family to all their friends. Go on, treat your mother to a special gift. Make it personal.


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