Fun, creative photo bag ideas

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We are still amazed by all the clever uses we see on the internet for many of the custom giftware we offer. Recently we came across some great out-of-the-box ideas for custom photo bags. Instead of just printing photos of holiday memories, family or friends, below are some clever alternative ways you may consider decorating some bags.

Storage ideas for messy kids room
This idea would suit pretty much any untidy room in your house. How about using this idea for a neat and tidy way or organising your sewing, craft or scrapbooking supplies?

See more clever storage ideas here.


Decorative storage ideas
Why be boring when you store stuff around the home? How about keeping things organised with a simple alphabetical or number system printed onto some tote bags? It simple, stylish and practical for any home.


Advertise your business
Make your bag a talking point every time you step out! Whether you’re a photographer, designer, artist or just want to flash your logo around the place for people to remember, printing it onto a bag will increase exposure and talkability. It does matter if you are a painter,  hairdresser or beautician, a styling photo bag with your logo would help keep your gear with you where-ever you are, as well as organised.

Share your family memories
A photo bag is a great gift idea for new mothers who wish to show of their babies. Imagine giving a new mum a bag that has the picture of their beautiful baby’s faces on it. It simply melts their heart every time they look at it! Everyone will be gushing and gooing at your bag featuring adorable photos of your family. Or better yet, why not create one for the proud grandma to showcase to her friends and family.

Stay organised on your wedding day

Get a bag for yourself and one for everyone in the bridal party filled with all their supplies (makeup, accessories and more) for the big day. Mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom would be equally delighted with their own momento to take away on the wedding day.

This is also a great gift idea for a bride-to-be too! It will come in handy on the honeymoon as well.

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DigiGifts Designer – Advanced Online Design Tool

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We are writing to tell you some exciting news. We have been working hard over the last few months to put together a new website which has lots of advanced design tools as explained below. The new website is still very fresh and that is why we are sending a link to you first before we begin rolling it out to all our other customers. We have spent the last few months testing and tweaking at the site and now believe we have finalised just about everything there is to complete.

Instant Online Samples of Your Designs:



‘DigiGifts Designer’ Advanced Tools: The new advanced design tools allow you to upload your photos, see live samples of your product designs and play around with the layout of your photos on each product. The photo album, calendar, cards and scrapbook page designer has even more features by the use of a smart little add-on for your browser called ‘SilverLight’ which allow you to manage your library of photos, select various template designs, customise page layouts and much more.

Hundreds of Online Album, Scrapbook & Calendar Templates:



‘DigiGifts Designer’ is budget concious: We are aware of the budget concious consumers and constantly search the world for great value. Many of the products available on this new website are sourced from a large international supplier, this is primarily due to the fact that they are one of few companies that can supply such great quality products at such amazing prices. Prices on the website will fluctuate from time to time due to increases and decreases of the Australian Dollar, but rest assure we are working hard to bring you and your customers the best possible prices without compromising on quality. Since this supplier is located overseas, please keep in mind when ordering that deliveries can take approximately 3-4 weeks and sometimes a little longer during peak periods. In most cases delivies to Australia are within 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it has taken longer. Note: The prices available on the ‘DigiGifts Designer’ site have no reflection on the prices available on the main DigiGifts website. The ‘DigiGifts Designer’ prices are only applicable to DIY products.


‘DigiGifts Designer’ has so many products: Our new designer site is jam-packed with so many new and existing products that you can begin designing from the comfort of your own home. You can create your own: Mousepads, Custom Clocks, Coasters, Watches, Puzzles, Calendars, USB Drives, Shirts & Hats, Kidswear, Tie, Mugs, Cards, Buttons, Bags, Magnets, Scrapbook Pages, Keyrings, PhotoBooks, Prints, Ornaments… to name a few!

So many new products to design online anytime:

‘DigiGifts Designer’ Money Back Gaurantee: If you have any problems with ordering from our new system, or concerns with the quality of your products once they arrive, please don’t hestite to contact us immediately for assistance. DigiGifts Designer has a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. If you would like to return or exchange an item, please contact us to fill out a request form, and we will instruct you on how to send the item(s) back. Please keep in mind, shipping charges are not refundable. Refunds will also not be made on products were you made mistakes with the design process. Refunds are only available for product defects.


New Members Discount Offer: To kick start this new website launch, we are giving away ‘FREE SHIPPING’ with orders over $50 to the first 500 users. Just use the following code when you are going through the checkout to claim your free shipping: ddfreeship Code expires 1st July 2009, so don’t delay for too long. You must create a new account on the DigiGifts Designer website to claim your discount. Free Shipping offer only applicable to website.

Visit: to begin designing.

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Unique Mothers Day Gift ideas – Personalised Gifts

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Mothers Day is a single day designed to help us all take a moment to appreciate the hard work our mothers have done raising us. Mothers Day let’s us take time out of our busy schedules and spend it with our mother. Every woman loves being spoilt, whether it with lots of love or thoughtful gifts. Therefore why not consider some of the unique gifts available at Our personalized novels are a great way to let mum live out a romantic fantasy with her husband or a celebrity she has always loved. Provide her name, date of birth, eye colour, favourite flowers, favourite perfume, pet names, and much more to make it truly personal. Our personalized bracelets are also very popular with mums. Allowing them to share up to six photos of their loved ones. Some mothers may also like our new personalized photo lamps which is a great way to show off those special memories in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere else that needs brightening up. “Woman, including celebrities like Christina Applegate and Minnie Driver, are now hosting purse parties the way their mothers did with candles and Tupperware. The result is that mothers who used to have tote around wallets full of photos now happily swap them for a photo bag and pet lovers no longer need to wait to be asked before showing off Muffy or Rex.” Sourced from Chicago Tribune. Stylish bags ensure loved ones stay close, and memories remain vivid. Hand made with quality fabric (canvas, polyester or geniune leather)  & superb image reproduction. What a great gift idea for mothers to show off their family to all their friends. Go on, treat your mother to a special gift. Make it personal.


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Photo Bag – A Bag with more meaning

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First things first, a photo bag is a bag that has your favourite picture on it. Currently, there are a lot of companies which offer photo bags and which you get to ultimately design your very own bag featuring your favourite photographs. One such provider of photo bags is DigiGifts. DigiGifts has three simple steps to be able to order own photo bag. The first step is selecting favourite photo. This step can often be the most challenging. Depending on your bag shape and size, your photo may be featured on one side, both sides or on the top lid. And, if you can not decide on just one photo, you can choose two different photos for your handbag.


However, if you can only narrowed it down to two favourite photos, then get each photo on a separate side, one on the front and one on the back. Or better still if you have a few favourite photos, you could have a collection of photos made into a photo collage. The next step is the type and shape of bag you desire. Whatever shape you choose, it is always an amazing way to turn your photos into a sentimental expression as well as your own cool and unique fashion statement.


The final step is in placing your order. Believe it or not, you could also place your photo bag order through the internet with your chosen photo scanned or sent in a digital format. You could also snail mail your picture and send it to the customer service department. Why a photo bags? A photo bag is something that a woman – most especially – will get to use most of the time each day. It is also a subtle statement – both fashion-wise and relationship-wise – which allows her to flaunt either her relationship with a significant other (that is if the photo bag is of her and her beloved partner) or a picture of her child.


A photo bag is a great gift idea for new mothers who wish to show of their babies. Imagine giving them a bag that has the picture of their beautiful babys faces on it. It simply melts their heart. Single people would also enjoy a photo bag. Many feature photos of their pets, friends or even themselves in special occasions. Photo bags are something that most people value and appreciate for a long time. It is a reminder of the moments and faces of people that are deemed special. Click here to check out our photo bag range.

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