5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For The Techy Mum

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If your mum is interested in tech-related gadgets and items, you might be thinking about getting her something electronic for Mother’s Day instead of all of the typical Mother’s Day flowers and gifts. There are lots of tech-related gadgets out there that are great for mums, and you are sure to find one in your price range if you shop around.

Digital Camera

If your mother doesn’t already have a digital camera, or if you feel that she deserves an upgrade over her new one, consider looking for one of these gadgets to give her as a Mother’s Day gift. She can use her new camera to take pictures of all of her family members and other loved ones, and she might even develop a passion for taking pictures of other things as well. Along with looking at traditional digital cameras, you can even take a look at the models that shoot videos. In some cases, you can get a nice camera that has some video-shooting abilities for a very reasonable price.

Mp3 Player

Even mums have their favorite tunes, and you can make it easy for your mom to bring all of her favorite music with her with an mp3 player. If you are feeling a bit spendy, you can go for one of the nice new iPad Touch models. If you are on a tighter budget, however, there are plenty of affordable mp3 players that still pack tons of great features. If you are shopping for one of these devices, reading a lot of reviews can help you find the model that fits your budget but that will still make it easy for your mum to carry her favorite music with her when she’s driving, working out, traveling or just hanging out at home.

Why not personalise her Mp3 player with a custom case or skin with photos of the family or her favour artist.

Flat Screen Television

Nice TVs aren’t just for dads. If your mum doesn’t have a nice flat-screen TV, consider picking one up for her. When they go on sale, they can actually be pretty reasonable. If she already has a nice TV in her living room, she might still want one in her bedroom, kitchen or spare room. Consider hinting around about TVs to see what she says.


Tablets are handy for a host of reasons, and your mum is sure to find plenty of things to do with hers if you buy her one for Mother’s Day. From surfing the Web easily on the go to downloading her favorite applications, your mum is sure to love using her tablet both at home and on the go.

Why not personalise her tablet with a custom case or skin with photos of the family or her favour artist.


If your mother is an avid reader who doesn’t yet have an e-Reader, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to introduce her to one. Some of the more basic models are very affordable, and there are more feature-packed options available as well. Including a gift card that will allow her to purchase a few books for her new model is a nice touch as well.

Why not personalise her e-reader with a custom case or skin with photos of the family or her favour artist.

Jessica is a stay a home mum and when her kids are at school she loves the art of flower arranging in her spare time. She loves sharing her tips and tricks with other fellow green thumbs and is currently sharing ideas for those stuck on Mothers Day Flowers and gifts this month.

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