DigiGifts helps support child with Epidermolysis Bullosa

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DigiGifts is donating a prize to the Joshua Gibson fundraising event to help raise money for Joshuas’ parents for treating of his Epidermolysis Bullosa skin condition. This skin condition is rare; it has devastating effects on those who suffer it and those who care for them. Josh drew the short straw genetically and was born with EB, which causes his skin to blister at the slightest friction, or even spontaneously. Josh’s parents try to keep the family unit on an even keel and Kylie, his mum, is a great volunteer and a powerful supporter to other people cursed with this affliction. Father Todd, an aircraft engineer for Qantas, is an active volunteer with the Rural Fire Service. The most severely affected children usual die before their first birthday, but others last into their 20′s or 30′s with constant pain. They must constantly dress their skin and take great care with activities for fear of exacerbating their injuries. They have to live as if packed in cotton wool. The disease often develops with limb amputations and then the onset of cancers which claim their life. About 1000 Australians live with this condition. Josh is fed through a hole in his umbilicus during his sleep if he hasn’t been able to take sustenance during the day. Currently there is no government funding into the condition, and The special dressings, used on Josh are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and cost thousands of dollars a month. And this is only a small amount of supplies Joshua needs every day. If you, your friends or family would like to help contribute to this fundraising event, please refer to this page for details: Fundraiser Information

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