Set your bathroom theme with unique shower curtains

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You can now set the theme of bathroom with personalised shower curtains made to match your colour scheme, design or style. Match up your curtains with your tiles, towel colours, bathroom accessories or do something completely different depending on your tastes.

These durable and fully waterproof polyester shower curtains are designed to fit standard bath tubs. They are even suitable for you to machine wash, but we would recommend on a gentle cycle. All images are printed onto the curtains using heat dye sublimation so they are designed to last for a long time.

(Source: MadSilence)

(Source: Stylefile)

(Source: MyBathroomGuide)

(Source: Curtains & Draps)

(Source: Curtains & Draps)

(Source: Curtains & Draps)

The possiblities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Create and order your unique curtain at DigiGifts Designer today.

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2 thoughts on “Set your bathroom theme with unique shower curtains

    • Hi Agnes, yes any image can be printed onto the shower curtains. Keep in mind most images of Elvis (and other celebrities) may be copyrighted, however if its only for personal use then it shouldn’t be a problem. Its only when printed in mass for commercial use there is usually a major concern. ;-)

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