Helpful Hints For Picture Perfect Wedding Guests

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You may be on schedule for the big day and have your photographer in place, but even a professional cannot predict to absolute certainty the outcome of your wedding shots. For a wedding album that you’ll want to re-visit again and again, try these useful tips:

1. Get the Balance Right

The first thing to remember is that, much like the event itself, there is no way to fully predict what is going to happen, and the need to control every last detail will only make you and your guests uncomfortable. And everyone has been to parties where you’re hounded all night by an overzealous photographer. Mathematically speaking, the more photos you take means a greater likelihood of having lots of great snaps, but there comes a point where guests can clam up and feel like they can’t enjoy themselves for fear of being papped, making for tense and unnatural poses. Advise your photographer to circulate but be sparing, just taking two or three shots for every worthy setup. If you’re a fan of the candid approach, try and shoot from a little distance, so the result looks like you’re in the moment rather than interrupting it.

2. The Right Ambience

The perfect lighting is the key ingredient for every photograph. Bear that in mind with your choice of venue, and think about the season you’re getting married in. Think about the amount of natural light you’ll have available on the day and exploit that resource. Step outside as much as you can. For the evening, try and set the tone with lots of candles and lamps rather than harsh overhead bulbs. Fantastic lighting will do all the work for your guests once they’re posing.

3. Blink and You’ll Miss it

It’s important to let people get comfortable when you’re staging a photograph with lots of subjects, keeping in mind that people move at different paces. Once your guests are settled, the best trick is for the photographer to count to three, instructing everyone to blink on the count of two, eradicating shut eyes from your shots.

4. Bring People Closer

A little alcohol and a mixed seating plan has hopefully meant that people who met on the day are hitting it off, but if that isn’t the case you may have to encourage people to move a little closer. There’s nothing worse than a phantom arm looming above a relative’s shoulder, so even if it doesn’t quite feel right at the time, make people huddle up and remove any negative space from an image, it’ll turn out beautifully in print.

5. Go Back to Basics

A novel idea (made very popular by Chandler and Monica on Friends) is to have a couple of disposable cameras on every table ready for when people hit the dancefloor. This DIY approach is great for when the night gets a little crazy. It definitely isn’t recommended for the ceremony itself, but clumsy candids can often provide the most funny, touching and memorable results.

Natalie Little has been working as a professional photographer in the UK for nearly a decade. She is currently assisting Staffordshire-based wedding photographer Cris Lowis as his company gears up for the marriage season!

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