5 Different Types Of Photography

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Photography is one of the most varied and dynamic art forms in the world. The majority of professional and amateur photographers will try specialising in one type of photographyfrom wildlife to glamour. Let’s take a look at the different fields that photography has to offer.

1.) Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a form of photography that is mostly practiced by professional’s and not so much amateurs. Photojournalism is about capturing aspects of comtempory life through a series of pictures and combining this with a powerful written story. This is not the type of photography that is done for any piece of news. It’s more about trying to reflect on various social concerns in today’s society.

This type of photography is something that is very difficult to teach someone. It relies heavily on intuition, instincts and good reactions. Having a comprehensive understanding on how the image adds value to your story is crucial.

2.) Underwater Photography

When you dive underwater you never know what kind of obstacles might be in your way. Before you go out into the sea, make sure you practice your photography in a pool, taking photos of random objects. You will then learn how do make manual adjustments for specific kinds of shots. Practicing to use a camera manually is far better for training your eyes rather than using auto-focus. Taking photos underwater is a completely different ball game when compared to any other form of land photography.

3.) Advertising Photography

There are many professional advertising photographers out there due to the fact that pictures play such an unbelievably important role in the world of advertising and therefore there is a need for talented and creative photographers. Adverts require unique, diverse and eye-catching photos. An advertising photographer needs to have the ability to understand what type of message is being communicated towards their target market and capture this message in the form of a photo.

4.) Ariel Photography

Ariel photographers specialises in taking photos from the air. This may be done for research purposes such as surveying the weather or analysing construction. This plays a large role in real estate, because Ariel photography has the ability to illustrate the value of a building since it shows the geographical location, placing and size.  Cannon cameras are known to be the camera of choice in this field of photography.

5.) Macrophotography

Macrophotography is where photos are taken at close range and requires very advanced and expensive equipment (A Cannon camera macro lens can cost up to $3000) macrophotography is something that amateur cameramen are able to practice more,duedigital cameras coming out with various macro settings. Photos are normally taken of insects, flowers, fabric or anything that will look interesting close up.

If you want to get started in photography as a hobby, then I suggest you do some more research on it before deciding on what aspect you would like to specialise in. You also need to consider the cost of all the equipment as well as printing costs. I personally use Cannon cameras because of their outstanding value. Nikon cameras as well Fujifilm cameras are other brands I would strongly recommend you have a look at.

Justin wrote this article after doing research for Canon cameras

Blog post courtesy of: Ruan Smit

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