Show everyone how serious are you about your new years resolution!

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The start of a new year is usually all about New Year Resolutions. So what is your new years resolution?

Every January 1st, everyone wakes up with the best intentions of improving themselves and living a better life, if not still too hung-over that is. By March, all those ideals are usually out the window. Here’s how to make your resolution last all year.

Is your resolution it to lose some weight? Start a new family? Add more children to your existing flock? Spend more time with friend or loved ones? Look after yourself a little more? 

We all have different goals and the start of a new year is the best time to re-evaluate those goals and plan for the year ahead. DigiGifts is keen to help you stick to your goals by offer you some great gear that can continue to remind you of the goal you set and help make you feel good about yourself as you strive to achieve those goals. 


Are you planning to lose weight or get fit?
If your looking at losing some weight this year why not consider getting yourself a personalised tracksuit to exercise in comfort and style? Get it personalised with your own name, company logo, branding or motivational images. Maybe a stylish new personalised yoga or gym bag along with a durable drink bottlemay also help entice you to go to the gym more often.


Are you planning for a new family member?
Perhaps consider checking out our great range of personalised baby gift ideas to tell your friends and family about, or stock up on a few goodies yourself. If you have any friends or family starting a new family maybe they might enjoy a little something unuquely personalised with the babies name featured on it.

Are you planning to buy a new pet?
We have some great personalised pet bowls, bling collars and beds and blankets to keep your pet looking cute and fashionable. Make sure your dog is easily returned to you if they escape your garden with a custom dog tag which you can design with any artwork you desire.


Are you getting engaged or married?
Personalised wedding wear, the hottest Hollywood trend to make its way down the aisle, is the latest must-have product to hit our shores. With stars such as Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears all spotted flaunting their un–dying love for their husbands–to–be with one–of–a–kind customised Hoodie’s, singlets and even bikinis. It’s no wonder these super–hot items have become a must–have for all newly engaged girls and their bridal parties.


Are you going back school or University?
Going back to school doesnt have to be a drag. Go back in style with a great selection of personalised photo bags, pencil cases, wallets, coffee mugs and keyrings.


Flip Top LighterTrying to quite smoking?
Its tough if you’ve been smoking for years, but there are subtle ways you could try and movitate yourself to quite. Maybe you could create a lighter with a motivation message or design on it that will encourage you to slow down and eventually quit. Or you could try putting your efforts into another goal or hobby throughout the year (as suggested above) which may entice you to quit instead such as starting up at your local gym, joining a sports group or learning to take more time in your days to relax and rejuvenate, especially if your initial cause of smoking was too much stress.

Need motivation to follow through with your goals?

Design your own personalised wall canvases, coasters, calendars or more to help remind you each day you see them of your goals and aspirations. Use holiday snaps, motivational messages, photos of memorable moments or incentives to encourage you to push forward with your goals.

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Avoid an undesired gift this Christmas

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It’s the last few hours before Christmas and you are still fretting over what to buy atleast one individual on your shopping list as everyone else around you unwinds for the year. You could rush out to the local shopping centre and snag the last of whatever unwanted gift hampers are still on the shelves, but lets face it that would likely result in a discontent face or sighs in dissatisfaction from your recipient. It is one of these inidividuals which will also likely stand in long queues at the shopping centres after Christmas Day to try and return their unwanted gift or regift it to someone else they think may enjoy it more than themselves.

If you are like most people, you are either sick of Christmas shopping by now or still too busy to comprehend another trek to the shops.

Considering your family and closest friends are critical members of your social group then you don’t want to disappoint them with an undeserving gift. They deserver your love, respect and a bloody good present. So have you considered a personalised or photo gift? Ofcourse it may be too late now to actually recieve the gift in the mail or pickup from a photo store in-time for the big celebration day, but you could always print out a sample of your design featuring your unique creation and include it in a greeting card. You will then have them excited about the gift that will soon arrive for them and thrilled that you created something different and memorable that they’ll probably treasure forever.

Create a photo gift at DigiGifts today and save the preview (or sample image) design to your computer to print out for inclusion in a greeting card right now.

Create Personalised Gifts at

Create Custom DIY Gifts:

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Last Minute Personalised Gifts for Christmas

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There is nothing more special than a personalised gift from your family or closest friend. With Christmas now just around the corner (in a few days time) it gets a bit more difficult to sort out a truely unique personalised gift that can be created, printed and shipped in time for Christmas, so some of the items featured below may be a good alternative to enable you to showcase your precious memories and get them shipped out just in-time.

Photo Notebox and Pen Set
Photo Notebox and Pen Set$12.95 each
This easy pop-up photo notebox frame and photo pen holder gift set is perfect for the work-a-holic or home office worker so they can keep cherished memories close by.  The gift set includes 100 note cards and adorable photo pen. All you have to do is cut your photo to size and slip into the slots provided on the notebox and pen for a truely unique gift. This item is available via express postage (Australia wide), so don’t delay if you want to get it by Christmas.

Mini Desk Calendar
Mini Desk Calendar – $5.95 each
Another great gift idea for the work-a-holic to showcase on their desk at work or in the home office. Also perfect for use in the kitchen at home to help keep track of dates.
This lovely desk calendar holds 12 mini photos which you cut and insert yourself. Photo cutting template included to get your photos to the right size for each of the 12 slots. This item is available via express postage (Australia wide), so don’t delay if you want to get it by Christmas.Accordion Photo Card Album
Accordion Photo Card Album – $5.95 each
This vibrant photo card doubles as great little photo album or brag book which is perfect for friends and relatives you want to showcase multiple photos with. It holds a total of 14 photos at 6×4 inches (standard photo size) enabling presentation of family adventures, holiday trips, new family members, etc. This item looks great sitting on a shelf or hanging down a wall (or fridge). Mothers and grandparents will especially love pulling it out of their handbags to show off photos to their friends of family too.


This item is available via express postage (Australia wide), so don’t delay if you want to get it by Christmas.

DIY - Snowflake Photo Ornament
Snowflake Photo Ornament
– $5.95 each
This is part of our Do-it-Yourself product range where you just order the quantity you need and then when it arrives follow the simple instructions inside to cut your photo to fit and slot them inside for a beautiful and memorable christmas tree ornament.


Holds a single photo cut to size. This item is available via express postage (Australia wide), so don’t delay if you want to get it by Christmas.


Keyring - CrystalKeyring – Crystal Keyrings – $25.00 each
Get your selected photo transformed into a quality glass crystal keyring for an everlasting memory. Approximate measurements: 2.5×3.0cmx0.8cm. Created with high quality clear acrylic. Available in oval, rectangle, heart and teardrop shapes.


This item is still available via express postage (Australia wide), so don’t delay if you want to get it by Christmas. Please note production takes atleast 24 hours so you must order quickly so its shipped out the next working day.


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