Canvas Prices Slashed: 20 – 30% OFF

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20 to 30% OFF all popular shapes, sizes and gift sets

Fill the walls of your home with beautiful artwork that means something to you. Create stunning canvas prints of family members, favourite places and spectacular scenery. Make a real talking point in your home, and one you will be very proud of. We can, free of charge, print your canvas in full colour, black and white or sepia tone. Only have printed photos? No worries, we can scan your printed photograph and then send it back to you.

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Square Canvases

Rectangle Canvases


Canvas Sets

What size/resolution image will I require? Rather than talk in complex pixel-counts, we suggest minimum file sizes based on megapixels. Nowadays, most cameras are 3 megapixels and over. Our smallest canvas frame will require an image of at least 1 megapixels, whereas our largest sizes require 5 megapixels or more. There is no problem using an image with more megapixels than the minimum required – in fact this is better. We suggest you try to always take your images in a high as resolution as possible for canvas use. We are happy to  help advise if you further have no idea about pixels and correct sizes.


What sizes are available? Everyone’s canvas needs and requirements are different, so we try to cater for as many canvas needs as possible with our most popular shapes and sizes readily available to purchase on our website at anytime. If you wish for a size that is not currently listed on our website, please email us the sizing details and any advanced requirements you may desire and let us send you back a price. Sizes start from as small as 4 x 4 inches and go all the way up to 42 inches.

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