Be The Star Of Your Very Own Romance Novel

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Novels Starring You – Be The Star Of Your Very Own Romance Novel! Great Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas gift idea for the one you love. Make someone’s fantasies come true by making them the star of their very own romantic novel. This is one of the first personalised adventure romance novel that will see you and your lover entwined into a steamy love story of exotic romance and spine tingling adventure. Ranging in sauciness, this gift gives anyone the chance to have their life read like a romance novel. Simply provide us with your details such as character names (real or fake… your favourite celebrity works well too), eye colour, hair colour, favourite food, favourite music and more in a questionnaire we will provide you with after you place your order.


For those wondering how saucy the love scenes are, well lets just say the sexual tension and excitement builds with each encounter between the heroine and hero. The books we currently have on offer have mild to moderate steamy content, however we can also source more raunchy titles for both straight and gay couples on request. The novels are set in an array of glamorous destinations throughout Europe, and depending upon what story you select, you might find yourself undercover on a secret mission in Barcelona, being chased by diamond smugglers in the exotic French Rivera or discovering a hidden tomb in Naples. Now available at  Shipped direct from a new Australian printer.

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