DIY - Astrology Reports for Couples

Are you in love? Celebrating an anniversary? Want to surprise your partner for his or her birthday?

Why not find out all about your relationship with a LoveStars report! Your LoveStars DIY Kit contains everything to make your own professional-quality luxury LoveStars report!

Once you’ve created your report, discover the magic of your relationship together At the moment you met your partner, the planets spun into place to attract you to each other.

And whether you’re a new or long-term couple, the spark is always there. Confirm what you’ve always known and discover something new together about your romantic compatibility in a LoveStars report, a fun and fascinating way to explore your relationship.

In your 30-35 page LoveStars luxury report: • You’ll see your different approaches to love as experienced by the different planets in signs • Discover your key relationship themes based on your planets in each other’s houses (for example, are friends central to your lives, do your parents play a large role, did you meet through work, are one of you from another country, culture or religion etc)

• Understand why you love each other, what upsets your partner, how much fun you’re likely to have, your sexual connection, how “binding” your commitment is, where they’re most likely to frustrate you, if you “know” what they’re thinking, and much, much, more, through the aspects your planets make to each other.

Here’s what you get in your LoveStars DIY Kit:

• 40 pages of pre-holepunched BabyStars premium paper for your 30-35 page report – giving you extra pages if necessary

• 1 set of sturdy LoveStars covers in red – made to last a lifetime

• 1 set of nickel-plated cover fasteners – they’ll always look smart!

• $49 voucher to redeem at for your report

• Simple, step-by-step illustrated instructions

• Invoice emailed at checkout – you can safely send the DIY Kit directly to your gift recipient

• 100% money-back guarantee – feel completely confident in your purchase

Guaranteed delivery by Christmas (Australia wide) when ordered with express postage by 18th December.

49.95 AUD


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