Book Attributes:
Author/s: Louisa May Alcott
No. of Pages: 363
Dimensions: 233mm x 156mm
Genres: Classic, Drama

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Personalised Classic: Little Women

Step into a personalised edition of your favourite classic book starring you alongside your friends, family members or even work colleagues!

"Little Women" is one of those rare classic novels that is still relevant, funny, fresh and heartbreaking today. Put yourself, sisters or girlfriends into the roles ofthe four March sisters as you star in this story of a loving and unconventional family welcoming life's joys and bravely facing life's sorrows. Part autobiographical, this is a powerful portrayal of young women growing up in a post-war American society of strong traditions and modern freedoms. Star in this heartwarming tale of sisterhood and self-discovery.

Story Excerpt:
The four March sisters come of age against the backdrop of a nation forever changed by the Civil War. While their father serves in the conflict, the sisters—dutiful Meg, fiery Jo, gentle Beth, and fanciful Amy—are guided on a journey of growth and experience by their spirited mother. The story follows the girls through about 15 years of their lives. Each girl has an imaginary "castle" for which she hopes, but each ends with a very different "future" than she would have imagined for herself. Meg, the one who most dearly misses the wealth of the old days before her father had lost his fortune, marries Mr. Brooke, the tutor of Laurie Laurence.

Characters to Personalise:
Josephine March, Meg March, Beth March, Amy March, Marmee March, Laurie Laurence, John Brooke.
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