Book Attributes:
Author/s: Marie Sterling
No. of Pages: 170
Dimensions: 17.8cm x 10.8xm
Genres: Romance, Adults, Fantasy, Role-play

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English Encounters - Personalised Novels

'English Encounters' sees our leading couple embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game. Never imagining what lies in wait for the two of them, will the game cross into reality? When our leading lady is taken to Brighton, England for a romantic trip away she is expecting a sizzling hot erotic week but nothing prepares her for what our leading man has in mind.

He suggests they embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game. Our heroine reluctantly agrees never imagining the amazing tension and passion that lies in wait for the two of them.

By day the couple take pleasure in each other’s company and enjoy exploring the varied culture and history that Brighton has to offer, admiring the fantastic buildings and picturesque parks and taking in the sights and sounds of the city by the sea.

By night, following cryptic instructions left for each other on slips of pink paper, the leading couple are drawn deeper and deeper into the game they are playing, losing more of their inhibitions along the way in the scintillating setting of Brighton’s active nightlife. See what English encounters await our leading couple as they push each other to do new and daring things.

Sexual Content Rating: The book has an erotic theme and very explicit love scenes, but with a romance at the heart of the story. The love scenes are highly explicit, graphic and sexual. The story may contain bi, anal, threesome sex scenes. We suggest over 18 years only.

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