DVD Attributes:
Format: DVD
Language: English
Region: PAL/ NTFS
Running Time: 26 minutes
Recommended Age: Open

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Personalised DVD - Spiderman

Your child stars as Spiderman, the web-slinger himself, fighting crime spidey-style in this Photo Personalized DVD. This full-length TV episode is an amazing cartoon adventure for any child or child at heart! Spiderman is in full swing with more speed, strength and superhuman ability than ever! Your child’s photo personalized dvd also includes their name as well as educational bonus features There is also a music video featuring your child as the spectacular Spiderman! By the way, this photo personalised DVD is great for grown-ups too!
Run Time: 26 minutes.  Recommended for ages 2 – 150 years.

39.95 AUD



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