Make Her Smile: Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is a special time when you can give thanks to your mother by giving her flowers, chocolates and fine wine. You could buy her a special card and write a poem inside, or take her for a meal. There are so many ways to cherish a mother on her special day.

Be Generous With a Gift Card

Putting money in a card differs from buying a mother a gift card. This way she has to spend the voucher on herself, rather than selflessly on others. There are thousands of gift cards to choose from that cater toward clothing, perfume, hair care, beauty and furniture.

Make Her Smile with a Bunch of Flowers

Flowers are colourful and have a delicate fresh fragrance, but the quality of flowers is also evident. Visit a florist for a custom made flower display, or buy a houseplant. Both are lovely gifts on Mother’s day.

Fragrance the Home with a Scented Candle

Candles are romantic, fragrant, and relaxing. Do not buy the cheaper candles, which are made with paraffin, but opt for beeswax or soy wax candles, which will burn for up to 100 hours.

Encourage Her Green Fingers

Pot plants are a pretty addition to any home or garden. Alternatively, buy a medium sized houseplant. A hanging flower basket is always a pleasant gesture on her special day.

Beauty to Match Her Heart

Treating your mother to a beauty facial or day out at a spa is a great way to relax her. Each booking will vary amongst spa or salon. Alternatively, buy her a generous gift set containing bath salts, perfume, and skin softening moisturiser.

Treat Her to a Gourmet Food Basket

Make your own food basket containing wine, cheese, fruits and fresh bread, or buy a customised gift basket online or through a high street store.

Colourful Plush Furnishings to Bathe Her in Comfort

Curtains, bedding, throws, cushions, or a plush rug is a luxury gift to buy your mother on her special day. If she is into colour coordination then there is no ending to the colourful array of home furnishings on offer today through high street stores or online.

Dark Chocolate is Rich in Antioxidants and Releases Feel Good Phenylalanine

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is responsible for the release of dopamine. This neurotransmitter affects pleasure, memory, reward and cognition whilst lower levels of dopamine are linked to Parkinson’s disease, addiction and depression. Dark chocolate is also higher in antioxidant rich cocoa and darker chocolate is naturally sweeter. Treat her to a box of her favourite posh chocolates.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Fragrance

Buy her a bottle of her favourite perfume, which is always a pleasant gift on Mother’s day. There are many gift sets with a matching fragrant soap and shower gel. Many online retailers offer great deals on fragrances, so be sure to shop around for the best deals, unless she is a lover of the classic Chanel No.5, which is sold in every high street perfume shop and chemist.

Fine Dining and Theatre

Why not take your mother for a meal, treat her to a three course meal with fine wine and then take her to the opera or theatre.

A Weekend Break

If you believe that your mother really deserves a treat, then why not buy her a weekend break in London, Dublin or anywhere in Europe. Two or three day’s abroad is a nice way to relax her and make her feel cherished for her selfless deeds.

Whether you opt for perfume, chocolates, a luxury meal, or a weekend break as your choice of gift on Mother’s day, she will be grateful and feel loved and respected, whatever the gift. This article has provided some basic gift ideas, but try to think out of a box if you are positive she will prefer something different.

Jess Toogood is a writer who loves her mother dearly. Therefore she is going to make sure this year that the mother’s day gift ideas that she came up with are undoubtedly going to make her mum smile.

“For even more unique mother’s day gift ideas don’t forgot to check out DigiGifts extensive range of personalised and photo gifts.” – DigiGifts

Blog post courtesy of: Jess Toogood

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DigiGifts New Website Launch!

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DigiGifts New Website Launch!
We are so excited to finally share our new website with you!!!
It has been a long time in the making with various delays along the way, but we believe its all been worth the wait.Our new website is jam packed with not only a wonderful new
design which is easy to use, but also:
- some great new features
- even more unique products
- more specific product categories
- customer reviews
- wishlists
- gifts by price range
- an advanced helpdesk system
- and so much more!
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Fathers Day Gift Guide – Personalised Gifts

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If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy you dad, how about buying Dad a personalised gift this year. Imagine your Dad unwrapping a personalised gift that highlights memories of your experiences with him. With Fathers Day just around the corner, we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight some of our most popular gift ideas below. Spoil your dad this Fathers Day with a truely memorable gift. Great Fathers Day

Gift Ideas:  

amazing_dad_med“Amazing Dad” Animated DVD – $39.95 This wonderful give will not only delight dad, but also give the young kids something to enjoy watching. The Incredible Adventures of “Amazing Dad” DVD is an action filled super hero adventure where your favourite Dad defeats the villainous Professor Nasty! “Amazing Dad” saves the universe from all of Professor Nasty’s dastardly deeds time and time again. “Amazing Dad” flies at mach speed, is a martial arts master and journeys to distant planets to protect all. The world is a safer place now that your “Amazing Dad” is on the case.

Beerassorted_mugs Mug / Steinfrom $34.95 Enjoy a drink with the boys in a custom designed ceramic beer stein, mug, flask, travel mug or drink bottle featuring their your favourite photo on it. Great gift idea for fathers, grandfathers, brothers and bridal party groomsmen or any loves of coffee and tea. 


Full Print BBQ ApronCustom Apparelfrom $25.00  We have a huge range of custom apparel so that your dad can look styling in his own unique t-shirt, hoodie, boxer shorts, tie, baseball cap and much more. All of our apparel can have any text, logo, photo or graphic design that you desire printed onto it. Most t-shirts styles also allow images on both the front and the back. If you are unsure which t-shirt enable  this option, just ask us and we can point you in the right direction.

Fun PClassic Photobookshotobooks - from $34.00 Create your dad a fun photobook. Photo books are a fun and contemporary way to present your photographs or images in a hardcover coffee-table style book. Digitally printed then hand bound, these  are available in a range of sizes and they can be finished with a variety of cover materials, dust-jackets, custom branding and stylish presentation boxes. We also have premium albums available with an assortment of cover materials, paper stock and sizes to choose from.

novel_collectionPersonalised Novels - $59.95 If your dad loves to read, then he may love one of these romantic novels. If your not sure exactly what content to provide, perhaps get mum to help you out. The content of these romantic novels are sure to enlighten any book enthusiast. Once you have ordered one of these great novels we will send you a questionnaire to complete with the recipients name, hair colour, eye colour, favourite food, favourite music and many more things to help personalise the novel.  

assorted_bagsAssorted Photo Bag – from $34.95 Does dad have his own custom gym bag or laptop bag? Maybe a custom designed bag featuring photos of the family or kids would be a perfect gift for your father. We have lots of different bag styles and sizes available to suit a variety of uses. Dad can now travel to and from work with his own personalised Laptop Bag, Business Satchel Bag, Document Bag or Backpack.  


crystal_designColour  Photo Crystals – from $50.00  These exquisite rystals come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect to sit on dads work or home office desk. He can show of his wonderful family or much treasured children. The bright colour and shape of these crystals makes showing of your photos a real eye turner. Now available in Heart, Fan, Diamond, Hexagon, Pentagon, Teardrop and Rectange shapes. If your looking for something a little smaller, we also have crystal keyrings available for that special dad to keep with him whereever he goes.

Mobile Device SkinsMobile Device Skins – from $15.95   The best skins on the planet! Removable covers for protecting and customising your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics or photos of your friends, family or pets. Stand out in the crowd with personalised protection. We can work with you to create a skin for your iPods, laptops, or many other mobile devices. Patented 3M adhesive make these easy to apply with no residue left behind. The adhesive allows you to reposition the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit. Defend your device with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating.


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Tips for Photographing Pets

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Shooting pets can be one of the most rewarding types of photography one can do, but it’s not as simple as it may seem; they move – and very quickly!

One way to solve this problem is to restrict the areas into which your subject can bolt.  Ways to accomplish this task are to place kittens in baskets and puppies in buckets, nestled into wingback chairs, placed on picnic tables, or even on stumps tall enough to make them think before leaping.

Kitties are just as difficult to corral and wrangle; but they too can be confined to a specific area, giving you enough time to photograph them before they have a chance to remove themselves from their portrait sittings.

The fence concept is a great way to allow your kitty to be free to move about, back and forth, but always at the same distance from the camera, give or take a few inches.


Peeking from tall boots or even sitting on top of their dog houses might also work.


Getting help from the pet owner, or even a friend if it’s your own animal, is a must for shooting animals. Not only will it make the shoot go easier, it will be a lot of fun.

Remember to focus on the eye nearest the camera. It’s difficult to do close-ups that aren’t looking squarely and directly at the face, in which both eyes are in focus. When presented that choice, just remember to focus on the eye nearest you.

If you have a friend or family member around, they can also distract your pet with either a toy (squeaky ones work great with dogs, but can scare cats away) or small treats. The best treats are ones that can be gobbled and not chewed. Rewards are quick, and you waste no time waiting for them to finish. This kind of assistance should also allow for some more or less candid photography, as your pet is now paying attention to the food and/or toy provider and not worrying about you and the camera.

Other tips for shooting your pets might be to include other members of your family. The interactions can be fun and provide some idea of scale.

For pet dogs you could try throwing an object (ball, bone, frizby, etc) that they can fetch and bring back to you and get a great mid motion shot as they are returning to you. You might have to do this several times to get the right shot depending on the shutter speed on your camera which may go off too early or late on initial attempts.


8 Simple Tips to Persudage Your Pets to Pose

1. Command and Reward – pets love praise as well as treats

2. Incorporate Play – some pets are extremely playful and arent able to sit or stand in one position for even 10 seconds.  Work with their active personality.

3. Keep the Set Small – some pets frighten easily, so help them feel safe and secure in a smaller setting away from excessive chaos.

4. Use Props – props act as a distraction for your pet, so make sure to have plenty of familiar favorites on hand.

5. Get Pre-Photo Excercise – an overly-energetic pet can make it difficult to get even one good shot. Burn off any excess energy.

6. Play Music – relaxing music can ease the photo-shoot and help your pet to focus.

7. Kneel Down – Put yourself in your pet’s position, it can be a bit intimidating to have a human towering over you.

8. Go Candid – After you’ve snapped your posed pictures, take a few candid shots when your pet isn’t looking.

Once you’re done with the photo shoot, preserve the memories of your pet in a keepsake photobook, calendar or photo gift.


5 Ways to Make Your Family Pet Part of Special Occassions

Your precious pet is a beloved part of your household. When it comes to special occassions like weddings, reunions or birthdays, why leave them behind.  These five simple ideas can help you incorporate your pet into special occassions.

1. Make your pet part of your wedding. Have your pet greeting guests, act as ring bearer or sit at the alter as part of the wedding party.

2. Celebrate holidays together by integrating them into festivities; hang and stuff a stocking for your pet at Christmas or fill an Easter basket with pet friendly goodies.

3. Hold a pet friendly reunion. Its great to see family at an annual reunion, why not include your non-human family members.  Arrange games that pets and people can play, set up a pet-friendly buffett.

4. Host a pet party and celebrate your pet’s birthday or adoption day.

5. Give a small gift at birthdays or Christmas from your pet to say “Thank you!” for the love and attention they receive.


Related Articles/ References:

- Tips for Photographing Pets by Frank Siteman

- Five Ways to Make Your Family Pet Part of Special Occassions

- Personalised Gifts for Pets at DigiGifts


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Custom Mobile Device Skins

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Customize your mobile devices and protect it from daily abuse with a custom skins

Skins for iPhone, iPods, Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi, Blackberry Mobiles, Macbooks, Netbooks and more.

The best skins on the planet! Removable covers for protecting and customising your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics or photos of your friends, family or pets. Stand out in the crowd with personalised protection. Get your own holiday, family photo or special event snapshot printed onto these amazing skins to put on your own mobile device. We can work with you to create a skin for your iPods, laptops, or many other mobile devices. Patented 3M adhesive make these easy to apply with no residue left behind. The adhesive allows you to reposition the skin so you can easily get a perfect fit. Defend your device with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating. Click here for more details and to order your custom skin today.



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Our ‘gloomy’ site gets a face-lift

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Our main website ( has been given a fresh look, designed to give a warmer, more inviting feel while still displaying our most popular products clearly. The new design now features a large, catchy flash animation to help highlight exactly what our website is about and what we sell. We have tried to keep the size and length of the animation down to a minimum  to help it load fairly quick on slower internet connection speeds. For those that don’t have the flash plugin installed (such as iPhone users), we also have a non-flash version for you to see. Its not animated, but still looks attractive. We have also pulled forward to the front page some of our more unique products that were buried deep within our enourmous website. These products are some of our most popular, however were getting missed by new visitors because they couldn’t easily find them. We have kept the rest of the layout fairly straight forward and clear so that those who were already familiar with our last site design won’t get lost on the new design. The top navigation bar now appears at the top of every page making it easy to jump to the home, about us, contact us, host a party, frequently asked questions and blog pages. The left hand side navigation has stayed pretty much the same as before, offering visitors a quick jump guide to most of our product areas.

If you use any of the popular social networking websites, be sure to check out our social network links featured at the bottom of our pages which link to Facebook, Twitter and the Online Divas website. If you are part of any of these sites, be sure to look out for us and become a fan. Visit the fresh new website at: Your thoughts and comments on the new design are welcome below. :-)

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DigiGifts – Local Business Awards Finalist

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Many other business owners know just how hard it can be to run a business, it takes courage, commitment and alot of determination for the business to success. Selection as a finalist recognises our hard work and dication – all those late nights, early mornings and weekends away from the family to assist our customers each and every day.

DigiGifts was also nominated as a finlist in 2008, 2009 and 2010 Local Business Awards, so lets all cross our fingers this year and hope that we win the awards as most outstanding business in the ‘Antiques, Art, Crafts and Gifts’ category for 2011.



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Photobook Services & Software Reviews

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FANCY TURNING YOUR FABULOUS PHOTOS INTO A BOOK? Or putting them on a calendar? Then this photobook review is for you. A photobook is a classy way to present photos of an occasion like a wedding or birthday in a glossy picture book. These books come in a variety of shapes, sizes, qualities and styles depending on where you purchase them. In most cases the more you pay for a album the better the quality. You basically get what you pay for. If you want a cheap photobook that is quick to create with limited layouts and won’t last long due to general wear and tear then you can spend around $25 to $40. However if you want an album you can show off time and time again to your friends and family, then it’s best to choose a software that flexible to your needs and prints a quality product, which can cost anywhere between $80 to $500. —— —— —— —— ——

AlbumPrinter: (also used by According to the claims on their website, all products are printed on the latest in digital presses with the photobooks carefully hand sewn and then bound into fully lined photo cover, linen or faux leather finished albums. Softcover and hardcover photo books, calendars, photoflips and prints and posters available. Laser Engraving also available on the Faux Leather or Linen Covered Hard Cover photobooks. To begin creating your album, just download the software direct from their website, install and open the software. Then select one of the eight different photobook products you wish to create. Creating a product is as simple as dragging photos into one of the pre-set templates and then applying any of the visual effects. Coloured or transparent backgrounds, text, masks and borders are only a mouse click away. Payment is made via a secure SSL page via our payments provider, Bibit (they’re a division of the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the world’s largest banks). Delivery of your album is in approximately 14 working days. Price: $19.95 (A5), $44.95, maximum 60 pages plus $1.00 per additional page, plus shipping fee. Review: Upon first use of this software we found it quite frustrating to use in comparison to many of the other software programs we have used for creating albums. Perhaps if we started with this program first we would have been able to put up with it for longer, but knowing what limitations it had, caused us to get frustated by its limation of layouts and flexibility. Payment may be made via a secure connection, however being processed via an international company may cause concern and doubt for Australian customers. —— —— —— —— ——

Momento: (available at DigiGifts and a variety of other suppliers in Australia) If your looking for an easy to use, very flexible photo book making application then you can’t look past Momento. The free software can be downloaded and installed on any windows based system. Once installed you have the option of downloading additional themes, embellishments, backgrounds and photo frames from within the software that install within minutes depending on your internet speed. Putting together page designs in your album is very easy with a series of templates and layouts available, or you can also arrange the photos however you like using resizing, tilting and various other settings to customise the design. Delivery of your album is in approximately 14 working days. Price: from approx $80 plus per page fee and shipping. Price disclaimer: Momento Resellers gain access to additional personalization with embossing on the cover, presentation boxes,additional paper stock and more. Each of these are additional cost at varied value. Momento Reseller options are only available to business with a valid ABN or not-for-profit organizations. If you don’t fit into those categories, check out who are a reseller and can offer these additional features to you. Review: These albums are some of the best quality albums we have seen for a reasonable price. Anything else that offered this much variety and flexibility in it’s design software and final product cost more than double elsewhere. The only other software that comes very close is Apple’s iPhoto software. Price, quality and ease of use of the iPhoto software is very similar, but only available on a Macintosh system. Momento also offer larger A3 albums to resellers which are very popular for wedding which most other photobook suppliers don’t offer. Keep in mind that if you have a macintosh operating system this software isn’t available. They do recommend another application by a partner company called Photo Junction, but we didn’t get time to review it yet. —— —— —— —— —— (available viaDigiGifts) This website offers customers with advanced online design tools for creating photobooks as well as hundreds of other photo gifts. The easy to use interface with drag and drop images, themes, embellishments, backgrounds, and control over text placement makes editing layouts fun as you create your unique book. Apart from installing the SilverLight browser plugin, there is no other software to download and install on your computer and SilverLight is quite small and quick to install. Hard bound 8×8 inches and 12×12 inches photo books, scrapbook pages, calendars and a large variety of photo gifts available on this website. Many of the products available on this website are sourced from a large international supplier, this is primarily due to the fact that they are one of few companies that can supply such great quality products at such low prices. Prices on the website also seem to fluctuate from time to time due to increases and decreases of the Australian Dollar. 


Price: from approx $35 plus $0.50 per additional page and shipping. Review: Users with slower internet connection speeds may loose patience with the online uploading of many images and using the online design tools. However those on quicker speeds will love how easy it is to create hundreds of layouts and designs. Since the printer of these products is located overseas, deliveries can take approximately 3-4 weeks and sometimes a little longer during peak periods. In most cases deliveries to Australia are within 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it has taken longer. —— —— —— —— ——


Whitech Solutions in conjunction with Photo Create: (used by: BigW, Target, K-Mart, Harvey Norman, SnapFish, DigitalPrintAustralia, DigiGifts and many more) Whitech Solutions offer many of the photo kioks and web-based photo gift systems through their software called Imagine. All of the products currently available on their system are provided by Photo Create which can only be purchased via retailer companies as they don’t sell direct to the public. With the aid of digital offset presses and custom-built equipment, Photo Create delivers an extensive range of print products, such as hard or soft cover books, photo greeting cards, calendars and assorted photo gift products. SnapFish now also offer many of these products on their website and in many department stores such as Big W, Target, Harvey Norman, etc.


Photo Create offer a collection of hardcover and softcover photo books as well as the original SnapFish photo books (which are mentioned in more detail below). When designing your book, there is a large selection of backgrounds and embellishments available to help customise your design even further. Uploading photos via the online software can be hit and miss depending on the speed of your internet connection. In some instances when we tried uploading a large number of photos at once the system failed. Most novice computer users would only try a few times and then give up. At present there is only 6 cover layout available and 8 page options (black border, white border,collage (no border) professional (full bleed) photo corner, single oval & sketchy). Delivery of your album is in approximately 14 working days. Price: $25.00 – $49.95 for up to 50 pages. $1.20 for each additional page, plus shipping. Prices vary depending on which reseller you purchase these through. Review: The 150 gsm paper is thickness than many of the cheaper photo books around, however not as thick as some of the more premium photo book providers. Limited layouts and customisation make this suitable for basic album creation, but not ideal for professionals. Those looking for a more eleborate wedding, birthday or anniversary book should consider looking at more superior suppliers which a much large range of designs, emblishments, layouts and customisation of the final product. —— —— —— —— ——


SnapFish: (also sold via Imagine online and kioks systems) Hewlett Packard’s curiously named its on-line photo printing service Snapfish. As previously mentioned above SnapFish, also offers many of the products which are produced by Photo Create, however they also have their own original photobooks. The photobooks they offer come in different sizes and with either hard or soft covers. Creating a book is done by logging in to the site and completing the sign-up procedure, then going to the gifts page and choosing photobook. You have to specify the size and number of pages and have photos ready for uploading. Photos should be in reasonably high resolution form – at least 240dpi – and they can be sized before uploading. There is a basic selection of different coloured backgrounds and layouts to choose from too. It’s all fairly easy to understand and master, even most computer novices can work it out. We suggest you think carefully about selecting the photo that goes on page one, because it also appears on the cover – well, not exactly on the cover. There is a square cut-out through which the first picture can be seen. When the layout is finished and the pictures uploaded the order is completed with credit card payment and delivery address. Delivery normally takes 10 days from placing the order, using standard Australia Post mailing. Price: $40 for 20 pages, with 10 pages printed both sides. $1.20 for each additional page, plus shipping fees. Review: The final product is of low quality. Pages are glued and hand sewn into linen book cover. You basically get what you pay for here. Low cost for low quality. The pages paper is not very thick, therefore tears easily. The cover is also very flimsy which means it will wear and tear easily too. You also can’t see the immediate results of reproduction, therefore layout issues of image distortion may not ve noticed until you received the final product in the mail. We also found that the pictures were slightly darker than we had intended, but there is no way of trying one and making an adjustment. May be useful for computer novices who just want a quick collection of photos in a book to show friends, but don’t expect it to last over a long period of time. —— —— —— —— ——


Mixbook: Mixbook is an album making website, similar to Heritage Maker that makes it simple to collaborate with friends and family to create your photobooks. They believe that a book is not something to be created by just one person (although they support that too), but rather to include many people’s voices and perspectives. During the setup process you can choose who is able to help you edit your book, open to everyone, open to friends or not open. The open to everyone option allows everyone on the Mixbook network to edit your book. We are still not quite sure why you would want the whole world to have access to edit your book, but please enlighten us if you can see positive uses for this feature. The second option, Open to Friends, allows all of your Mixbook friends to contribute to your book. This option is great for family to help with the collaboration of a new family history book or adding photos from around the world. The third option, allows you to invite who can edit your book. They have a reasonable collection of templates to choose from, which all look stunning on the setup your photo book pages. Editing of the layers within a template that you’ve selected can be fiddly on first attempt and may lose those who are not very computer literate. If you are on slower internet connection you may also find loading of themes, page designs and other elements a little frustrating, but this issue occurs with most online album creating systems. We loved the copy and pasting functionality. You didn’t have to worry about finding certain buttons on the screen or learning shortcut keys, you could use the standard copy and paste features built into the browser. Selecting single items however when they are overlapped can be tricky, with multiple items being selected at the same time. It would also be nice to see some rulers or snap to grid options available to help align photos on more corporate and contemporary designs. Mixbook, like many of the other popular photobook services now allow imports of photos from Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Photobucket and Yahoo Search. Embedding a book onto your website or blog is also a nice addition MixBook enables, however it is not something new to photobook systems; Momento and Heritage Maker has similar options available. Mixbook enables this feature by providing you with simple code to copy and paste into your page. Available Products: 8.5 x8.5 inch softcover, 8.5 x 8.5 inch hardcover book, 12 x 12 inch hardcover book. More sizes coming soon. Price: starting from $12.99 USD for 20 pages. Additional pages are $0.50 USD per page, plus $14.99 USD shipping fee. Volume discounts also available for 10 or more books ordered at one time. Review: Overall a fairly simple online photobook system to use that produces good quality books for a reasonable price. The price is still a little high for international customers, however when the Aussie dollar is doing well, its a great site to check out and order some books from as they become quite competitive with Australian suppliers. If your looking for something more professional that allows precise positioning of elements and advanced functionality, this site probably isn’t for you. Computer novices may intially struggle with functionality, but once they play around long enough, with a little patience they may easily create albums. The shopping cart can be a little confusing but once you get your head around how to use the Mixbook credits, its fairly straight forward thereafter. The shopping cart requires a credit card even if you have Mixbook credit. Your card will not be charged when you have enough Mixbook credit to process your order. Their contact us page lacks detailed contact information making it frustrating if you need immediate assistance. It also gives the impression that they are trying to hide something by not including more detailed contact information. A telephone number and/or postal address so people can feel confident with contacting them would be ideal. Delivery timeframe for customers in Australia is a little slow with economy shipping from America usually arriving within 3-6 weeks, according to their website. However they also advise that it can take up to 8-12 weeks depending on any custom delays. If your not in a hurry for your book, then this is still a pretty good site to order from. They also offer a 100% money back gaurantee, but not sure if that covers for books that never arrive due to getting lost in transit.

—— —— —— —— ——

Macbooks: (available by Apple) iPhoto is a great software package featured on most macintosh computers these days. iPhoto lets you design your own professionally printed photo books. Create and order beautiful hardcover books — as well as softcover and wire-bound photo books — without leaving the iPhoto software. Delivery of your album is in approximately 14 working days. Choose from thirteen Apple-designed book themes featuring photo drop zones and multiple page-design options. iPhoto ’09 even automatically creates maps showing where you’ve traveled. Use the GPS data already in your pictures or type in the names of places you’ve visited, and  iPhoto makes a custom map for your book. Very flexible and easy to use software, most computer novices can easily work out how to use it without much skill. Hundreds of layouts and design templates available with your own custom designs also allowed. Available Products: Softcover, hardcover and wire-bound photo books, calendars, cards, postcards and prints. Price: $3.99 USD for  3.5 x 2.6 inch book, 20 pages (10 sheets), plus postage. $19.99 USD for 11 x 8.5 inches, 20 pages (10 sheets), plus postage. Additional pages: from USD $0.29 each, 100 max. Review: These albums are some of the best quality albums we have seen for a reasonable price. Anything else that offered this much variety and flexibility in it’s design software and final product cost more than double elsewhere. The only other software that comes very close is Momento’s software. Unfortunately they don’t yet offer larger than 11×8.5 inch albums which are popular for weddings, anniversaries and professional photographer portfolios. Keep in mind that if you have a windows operating system this software isn’t available. —— —— —— —— —— Heritage Makers: (To connect with an inspired Heritage Makers consultant go to for that extra special assistance. She can helps bring your stories to life). Heritage Makers online album making software stands out from many of the other photo book software programs because more than one person can work jointly on a single project. For example you have dad writing his family story and the children who live in other cities can be involved in making the story, adding photos, etc; similar to building an online quilt. You create all of your Heritage Makers projects in your own online, password-protected, personal publishing and creative center, Heritage Studio. Studio is easy to use and provides tremendous flexibility. There’s no special software to purchase . . . you can access Studio from any computer, anywhere with internet access. You can start with a blank page or choose one of our many free pre-designed community and professional templates to use in your projects. You’ll enjoy the benefits of having complete control over how your project turns out. Available Products: Photo books, Cards, Prints, Canvases, Calendars, Cookbooks and more. Price / Account: A free basic account gives you the ability to upload hundreds of photos and create meaningful projects. Or you can choose to upgrade to a Premier membership and enjoy even more with thousands of pieces of digital art, unlimited photo storage, hundreds of free templates, free online classes, and so much more! Over 36,000 individual pieces of art and more added each and every month. These are all tagged and available by collection as well as by the search function. Every project that is created then becomes its own template for future sharing or editing. Unfortunately not currently available in Australia. You can definately check out their online software, however we found Australia’s slow internet speeds making load time of this website poor. Review: Though we weren’t able to create and print our own album from their software, we saw alot of potential for when this become available in Australia. Many of the other photo book suppliers need to keep an eye out for this one as its very, very popular overseas with hundreds of happy customers and distributors. The ease of use and almost unlimited number of emblishments and templates make this software so much fun to use. Interaction with multiple people on any one project also make this a terrific online concept. —— —— —— —— ——

Albums Australia / TDA: TDA studio software combines extensive workflow & production capabilities with the most dynamic album designing  facilities of many programs available on the market. It is provided free of charge to active Albums Australia customers, however on last check becoming a member is limited to businesses with an ABN. TDA studio software is designed for professional studio use, with high end workflow systems, image management, sales presentations, album ordering, album assembly and lab ordering. TDA offers compresensive designing tools that let you customise every part of your album. All tools are fairly quick and easily to learn how to use. Click & Drag to create mat apertures or composite layered designs of any size or shape. Type in your preferred image size or your preferred mat aperture size & spacing. Snap To’ Aperture and Composite Layer Alignment Tools also included in this advanced software package. Available products: Magazine and Studio Magazine Albums and DIY “Slip In” Style Albums. Album stands and various other professional display products also available. 43 different cover materials including Metals, Acrylic, Timbers, Leathers, Micro fibres (Super Suede), Vinyl (Leather Like), Photographic prints and Metal Photographs. 150 different cameo sizes in 12 different cover locations. Price: Unconfirmed. On last check, the prices they had available were only suitable to high-end photography studios and not the general public. Review: The quality of their albums are superb, however you pay the price for such high quality. There albums are well above any other album supplier that we reviewed to date. They are aimed at the high end professional print studios, not the general public with their high end prices. Their prices aren’t even advertised on their website. The software is very flexible to use, but lacked easy to use layouts, templates and embellishments. The purpose of their software is to create quick and easily professional album layouts with minimal skills, however with advanced skills you can do so much more. —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——


Creating Novels & Storybooks: Photobook software may be a great spot for new writers to consider publishing a book due to the assorted page layouts and cover designs, however we recommend they consider software designed more closely for novel, textbooks, storybooks, etc to be published. Many of these type of publishing companies hacve packages specifically setup for producing multiple copies. Usually the more you get printed at one time, the cheaper each copy works out. Some photobook suppliers do offer this too, but not normally in volumes of ten or more at one time. Blurb: Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them. Blurb let you self publish your own photo book, cookbook, portfolio and much more with their free software. They believe that every blogger, cook, photographer, parent, traveller, poet, pet owner, marketer, etc should find creating books easy. They supposedly use a HP Indigo 50000 printer, which according to HP achieves a quality of “812×1624 dpi when printing in high resolution mode. Available Products: Square 8x8inch 4 colour books, black and white 5x8inch books, standard 8x10inch books and larger 11x13inch books. Price: starting from $12.95 USD for 8x8inch books, 0-40 pages. Excluding shipping. Volume discounts also available for 10 or more books. Review: Overall, we found the quality and durability of the Blurb product quite impressive, and that is why they have so many repeat customer. You can feel comfortable that you’ll get a quality product that showcases your photos. Blurry photos, out of focus images, scans of ink-jet-printer prints, overly-compressed jpgs, etc will all show less detail than a sharp-direct from digital images. Bear this in mind when you create your book with Blurb, but you are likely to find this problem with other photo book printers too. Inside, the photos are printed on heavy, glossy paper. The pages feel thicker and glossier than in most books, but certainly not as heavy as actual photo paper. The page weight is consistent with other art / coffee table books I own.

More reviews coming soon for the following companies:

If you would like us to review your software, please don’t hesitate to contact us to be placed in the que. Footnote: Please notes that the above review could have gone on and on explaining précis details about each software available, but we thought it was best to provide and overview and then let you judge for yourself. There are many other photobook companies not mentioned in this review. There are far too many to mention. This review has stuck to some of the most popular photobook providers for Australian consumers. Some popular overseas suppliers were also mentioned due to their enormous overseas following as a comparison only.

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Unique Mothers Day Gift ideas – Personalised Gifts

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Mothers Day is a single day designed to help us all take a moment to appreciate the hard work our mothers have done raising us. Mothers Day let’s us take time out of our busy schedules and spend it with our mother. Every woman loves being spoilt, whether it with lots of love or thoughtful gifts. Therefore why not consider some of the unique gifts available at Our personalized novels are a great way to let mum live out a romantic fantasy with her husband or a celebrity she has always loved. Provide her name, date of birth, eye colour, favourite flowers, favourite perfume, pet names, and much more to make it truly personal. Our personalized bracelets are also very popular with mums. Allowing them to share up to six photos of their loved ones. Some mothers may also like our new personalized photo lamps which is a great way to show off those special memories in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere else that needs brightening up. “Woman, including celebrities like Christina Applegate and Minnie Driver, are now hosting purse parties the way their mothers did with candles and Tupperware. The result is that mothers who used to have tote around wallets full of photos now happily swap them for a photo bag and pet lovers no longer need to wait to be asked before showing off Muffy or Rex.” Sourced from Chicago Tribune. Stylish bags ensure loved ones stay close, and memories remain vivid. Hand made with quality fabric (canvas, polyester or geniune leather)  & superb image reproduction. What a great gift idea for mothers to show off their family to all their friends. Go on, treat your mother to a special gift. Make it personal.


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Amazing Personalised Animated DVD Titles

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Bring personalised gifts to the next level! With just a photo anyone can star in their own adventure. We can transfer your child or loved one into an adventure hero in full colour 3D animation. These productions are all great value, family friendly stories. These amazing animated DVD’s were our most popular range during the Christmas period. Many customers buying one for each child or grandchild in their family. Winner of iParenting Media Award, 2006 Family Choice Award. These style of DVD’s were originally created back in 1991 by two guys who just wanted to make a keepsake movie with special effects that their kids could star in. Unfortunately, their kids were 2 and 3 years old and they would just not follow directions to ‘act’ in the movie.


Their solution was to make an animated body, and through a patented process, put anyone’s head on to the cartoon body so that no acting experience would be needed. Personalised DVD Titles » Sample Video Clips » Personalised DVD FAQ’s »

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