Showcasing Kids Artwork – Beyond the fridge

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Do you have a famous artist in the making, or just a child who loves to draw, colour and paint? If so, you likely have an ever growing collection of craft and artwork they have created that your running out of fridge space to showcase. Even worse you may have already surcome to putting them away in a cupboard or drawer out of site, never to see the light of day again.

Below are some gorgeous, fun and very unique ways we have found online for displaying your little artists projects, which you may never have considered:

Frame artwork individually or as a collage
Frame your children’s favorite drawings and paintings to preserve them from getting lost or damaged over time. Forget the fridge – give these creations pride of place on the wall!

An easy way for children to put their own distinctive stamp on a room is with framed works. Children are thrilled to display their artwork or have family photos or treasures on the walls.

You can purchase cheap picture frames or shadow box style frames (which store more bulky items) from many discount stores these days. Alternatively have the artworks scanned and printed directly onto a canvas for a contempory finish.

Scan and frame artworks in unique ways:
If like most artwork your children bring home they vary in shapes and sizes, which can make them quite messy to hung all together on a wall; however if you have a scanner you can easily scan each of them, resize to similar shapes and size, then print out and display neatly or in specifically sized frames.

As previously mentioned, shadow boxes can enable you to include more than just a flat printed photo or artwork. Be creative by adding some of your childs keepsakes such as favourite toys, first booties, hospital tags, postcards, birth certificates, and more to make it truely unique.

Create photo cards or a calendar:
Photo greeting cards and calendars are a great way to showcase artwork. Photo greeting cards enable you to send your friends and family fun, personalised greeting cards featuring your little artists designs. A photo calendar allows you to have a whole 12 months to highlight either one artwork per month or multiple per month.

Print onto placemats and coasters
Get artworks (photographs, certificates, personal messages and more) printed onto placemats and coasters so you can enjoy looking at the artwork whenever you sit down at the table for a meal.

The artworks will become talking pieces at the dinner table for years to come.

Create a photobook of memorable artwork:
What a lovely way to showcase hundreds of artworks that you’ve collected over the years.

Create fun, cheap, coffee coffee-table style books that include anything from photos, messages, scanned artwork and much more. These books are so cheap these days that you could create one for your home and one for each of the grandparents and any other relatives who’d love a copy. What a lovely Christmas gift idea!

Limitless unique gift ideas:
There is limitless ideas of what you can do with your kids artwork these days to showcase them in unique ways instead of just sticking them on the fridge with fridge magnets. You could create a photo mug, mousepad, keyring, throw cushions, jigsaw puzzles and much more for using around the house or giving as a gift to friends and family.

Tell us about some of your creative ways to store or showcase your kids artwork that we haven’t thought of.

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High quality decorative wall canvases

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DigiGifts offers prints on canvas that make wonderful decorative pieces. These prints are ideal interior wall decorations. DigiGifts can print from digital files, printed photographs, film negatives or slides. Get your very own canvas artwork created from your own photos. Our canvases are stretch onto artist-quality wooden stretcher using a box-mount. We can, free of charge, print your canvas in black and white, sepia tone, or simply make changes to the image, and print it as supplied by you. We only provide the highest quality, 100% polyester / cotton blend canvas and 100% cotton canvas – the ch oice is yours. The polyester / cotton blend are bright white, water resistant, archival rated (90+ years), heavyweight – 430gsm. The 100% cotton canvas is lighter weight 300gsm, ideal for general-purpose. We have a huge range of canvases sizes available, but only the most popular are featured on our website. If you would like a different size than what is available on our website, don’t hesitate to enquire for an obligation free quote. Click here to see our most popular canvas range.

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DNA turned into the ultimate personalised gift

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These are being advertised as the customised gift of excellence – canvases bearing patterns based on the recipient’s own genetic fingerprint. Nadia Kerr, owner of DigiGifts in Sydney Australia, saw the idea as a sideline to the company’s main business. This includes creating custom photo albums and digital scrapbook albums. Using a kit provided by the company, customers swab the inside of the lucky recipient’s mouth to collect some cells before sending the swabs back with a description of the style of canvas they desire (size and colour). DNA is then extracted from the cells and analysed to provide the basis for a pattern.

It’s an exclusive gift based on a unique gene profile, it’s a one-off that can never be replicated. The patterns resemble the DNA bar codes seen in genetic fingerprints taken for paternity testing or forensic examination. These patterns correspond to DNA sequences called short tandem repeats, which are unique to each individual. Nadia stresses that the DNA never belongs to the company and is taken in accordance with international legal standards. It is not entered into any databases and is destroyed after three months. She adds that the patterns are not detailed enough to be used for paternity testing and avoids regions of DNA that could reveal a person’s genetic secrets. Click here more details >

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